Tanner Hall Wins Superpipe Dew Title, Justin Dorey Wins Fans

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 23, 2009 9:30 am

The Monday after, Tanner Hall’s name is in the headlines, but for those who watched the third stop of the Winter Dew Tour at Northstar-at-Tahoe, the performance that will stick in the memory most was from Justin Dorey.  Of course, you can never slight Tanner Hall, and this writer is not about to.  Tanner is the best pressure performer in the sport.  He’s always making the last run of the contest, loaded down with the pressure of expectations.  Time and again, Hall performs his best at the most crucial times.  That is the definition of a winner.

On Saturday, Tanner Hall topped Simon Dumont by a subjective coin flip.  Really, how did the judges decipher whose run was best among the two titans of the superpipe?  Simon could have just as easily been standing where Hall is today, winner of both the Northstar event and overall Winter Dew Tour freeski superpipe champ.  You could see it in Dumont’s face when Tanner landed his last run.  He knew what was coming.  Colby West continued a strong performance at the X-Games to fill out the podium, coming in third.

Back to Justin Dorey.  The sport of terrain park skiing has progressed at a slow, deliberate pace, with occasional massive hick-ups of progress thrown in.  From a visual perspective, Justin Dorey had no peer on Saturday night.  Dorey threw a massive, double-back-flip on the first hit of his first run, and exploded after clipping the lip of the pipe.  Second run, same double flip on the first hit, and this time he landed it.  Dorey looked to be on his way to sure victory, and then risked it all again on the last hit, throwing another double back flip.  The dice came up seven and Dorey crapped out, spilling onto the transition.  Justin Dorey may not have won the contest, but he did win a ton of new fans and respect on Saturday night.

photo: Tanner Hall, Winter Dew Tour at Northstar, courtesy Allisports.com

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