Pure Radiance: Mountain Hardware Launches Heated Outerwear

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 25, 2009 6:45 am

Talk about cool: Mountain Hardwear is set to launch a line of heated jackets, which will render cold temps absolutely powerless. The new outerwear features technological shells (think waterproof, breathable—all the usual good stuff) with zip-in quilted liners that are so stylie, they could easily be worn alone. The real coup de gras, however, is the liner’s ion battery pack, which heats your back and chest with three adjustable temperature settings.
The complete package won’t come cheap (retail price will range somewhere in the 600’s), but the Refugium (Men’s) and Radiance (Women’s) liners can be purchased separately, without the outer shells. The Ardica Moshi System lithium ion battery pack will also be sold separately (albeit right next to the jackets it heats, in stores).

We sported the Radiance Trifecta Combo system on a blustery, below-zero day, and managed to stay warm and happy while everyone else clamored to get back to the lodge. And when we did head inside for a break, we zipped off the shell but left the liner on, for a soothing heating-pad-like treatment which melted our back muscles.
Perhaps one of the coolest features—which we didn’t get to test that day—is that the jacket houses a USB connector, which charges cell phones, MP3 players and GPS systems, should you ever get lost in the woods. In fact, considering the heat system, too (which will run for about eight hours), the new jackets could literally be lifesavers. We think that’s pretty hot.
Look for the Refugium and Radiance outerwear systems on shelves in Fall, 2009.

photo: Mountain Hardwear