Bode Miller Opts Out of Finishing Season, Takes Remainder of World Cup Off

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 3, 2009 2:30 pm

Like your favorite TV show being cancelled, today is filled with a bit of sorrow, as Bode Miller announced Tuesday that he will take the remainder of the 2009 World Cup season off.  “Due to a number of factors, it makes sense to call it a season,” said Miller. “I came into the season excited, with my mental and physical intensity where I wanted it to be. I had speed and raced hard all season but it didn’t translate into the results we were hoping for. I have been racing World Cup for a while and need a break. At this time I find more happiness doing other things than being on tour.”

Here’s hoping Bode’s rest reinvigorates his passion for next year’s World Cup and coming Winter Olympics.  After 14 World Cup seasons, and a U.S. record 31 World Cup victories, Miller had recently hinted at retirement.  The day that Bode does indeed call it quits will be a sad one, but we’ll always have his otherworldly skills on video.  Let the chant begin, “One more year!  One more year!  One more…”

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