Girl in Gear: Sanuk Makes Magic with Yoga Mats

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 5, 2009 7:45 am


We know, we know. The ski season is hustling along, snow is still on the ground, and the Red Sox have yet to throw their first pitch. But if you’re like many of us, you throw on a pair of flip flops when you get home as your apres-ski footwear of choice. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to wear them year-round. Regardless, if you love the flops, Sanuk has a pair that are so comfortable, it’s ridiculous. But the soft yet supportive foam you step on is actually zen-worthy for a reason: It’s been recycled from cushy yoga mats. Even the texture is the same, as if you’re right there, doing the half-moon in yoga class.

Aside from being recycled and thus carrying the eco-friendly stamp, these sandals are kind to the eyes, too, and available in an assortment of bright colors. One of our favorite features, however, is the nylon strip that sits between your toes. It’s thin, and disappears, unlike rubber or leather versions which can chafe. The sandals are also constructed with Sanuk’s signature “Barefoot Un-Technology,” a special cushioning and arch-support design that mimics barefoot walking, to help strengthen feet.

The Yoga Mats are available to ladies only, but if you’re a dude, don’t stress: Sanuk makes dozens of sandals and shoes for you, too.

(; $20)