Alpine Touring Bindings as an Everyday Binding

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 9, 2009 4:00 pm

The skis have gotten fatter and the distances traversed longer to reach some of our favorite hidden spots up on the mountain.  The concept of the rondonee binding is reaching the mainstream.  Rondonée, Alpine Touring (AT) bindings unlock the heel, but keep the toe locked down while traversing.  But, once the elevation has maxed out, and it’s time to ski down the mountain, AT bindings lock the heel down and act the part of a traditional alpine binding.  The past decade has seen drastic improvements to AT bindings, where it’s now time to consider an AT binding as your everyday ski area binding.  If you’re already doing minor traverses, hikes, and relatively small off-piste hikes, these bindings will greatly enhance the ease at which you move cross-country.  But, once locked down, the bindings handle the big mountain terrain.

Right now, Twin Tip World has the best deal you’ll find on the net for Marker Duke’s, the best AT bindings on the market.

Power-Width-Design for downhill skiing performance
– low, level stand height
– shortest frame of all AT models in the market
– 10 mm wider interface than traditional “racing” bindings
– connecting brackets strategically placed for better edge control
– the only freeride/AT binding designed for skis 76mm and wider
– toe and heel deliver greater power transmission through increased boot lug contact

BCT Back Country Technology uphill hiking mode
– easy adjustment from ride to hike
– hiking aid with 5° and 10° position
– protected BCT lever in ski mode
– 30 mm backward movement in climbing mode for better balanced ski swing weight and easier kick turns

– DIN range: 6-16
– Recommended Skier’s weight: 130+lbs
– Stand height w/o ski: 34mm
– Toe system: Triple Pivot Elite
– Gliding AFD: stainless steel, height adjustable
– Step-in heel: Inter-pivot heel
– Special features: Magnesium components, hike function, integrated Climbing aid, freeride brake
– Color combinations- black- titanium
– Weight (pair): 2.600 gr/ 2.630 gr
– LG (305-370mm) Smalls Available

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