Eye Spy a Good Deal: Spy Apollo snow goggles

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 11, 2009 12:00 pm

Even the most glorious powder days can get trashed when your goggles are so smeared, life looks like an impressionist painting—up close. Without question, solid eyewear is key. Fortunately Spy has come up with goggles that not only fit well, they allow you to see every divot and bump ahead of your tips.

We like the Apollo Goggle for its clean simple lines and common sense functionality. Its lens is made with Spy Optic’s new ‘Mosaic’ technology, which uses multi-base curvatures to provide for a greater range of peripheral vision. The goggle’s low profile not only looks cool, but allows it to fit a multitude of helmets. Self-positioning hinges deliver a customized fit, and silicone strips on the inside of the strap secure everything in place. The light frame is flexible, which allows it to conform to your face, and features special triple layer ‘isotron’ foam lined with moisture-wicking fleece, making it is easy on wind-chafed cheeks.