Lindsey Vonn Makes History with Second Consecutive World Cup Overall Title

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 11, 2009 11:00 am

Lindsey Vonn completed an historic day in dominating fashion.  Vonn won the World Cup Finals’ downhill, her 21st career win in downhill, and that was more than enough to clinch her second World Cup overall title in-a-row.  Two World Cup overall titles, back-to-back, something no other American woman has accomplished.  “It’s a really special moment in my life. I give my whole life for the sport and to be able to win something like this for a second time in a row – it means a lot to me,” Vonn said. “It’s why I work hard, it’s what I live for and it’s special to have been able to put my own mark in the history books.”

Vonn’s feats this year have left the the printing presses working overtime.  Vonn entered the year defending her overall title, but still feared mainly on the speed courses (downhill, super G).  That all changed this year, as Vonn has become a complete, quadruple threat.  Her rankings this year in each of the disciplines?  First in downhill, second in super G, eighth in giant slalom, and second in slalom.  It’s that last ranking, the second in slalom, that has become the real story of Lindsey Vonn’s World Cup season.  Last year, she finished 34th in slalom, but it was apparent early this season that things were going to be very different. 

The first slalom race of the year in Levi, Vonn threw a hockey stop into her second run and still won.  The race was a slalom, supposedly Vonn’s weakest discipline, and despite a crucial, time-wasting mistake, Vonn was victorious.  From that moment in mid-November, it appeared a foregone conclusion that Vonn would be repeating her overall title.  How would the women’s field beat the dominating speed skier, who was now dominating the technical events?  But, the World Cup is a difficult beast to tame.  Conditions, injuries, and the razor thin line between crashing and winning make the realities of the World Cup anything but predictable.  It’s a testament to Vonn’s championship make-up that she was able to capitalize on her advantages and win this second overall title by a wide margin.

All is not over for Vonn, who still holds strong aspirations to take the super G title.  She’s just 15 points behind Switzerland’s Fabienne Sutur heading into tomorrow’s World Cup Finals super G.  “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. It’s going to be a fight, for sure. But I’m only 15 points behind and I think that anything is possible,” Vonn said.

Lindsey Vonn, she’s now a two-time, back-to-back World Cup overall champion.  A nice title that will be shared by all who helped make it happen.  “It takes a lot to win an overall title and it’s not just my skiing, it’s support. All the coaches and staff from the U.S. Ski Team have been amazing. They help me with everything,” Vonn said. “I really want to thank everyone for all their support. It’s been a great year and I couldn’t have done that without them.”

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