Straight From the Lips of Simon Dumont

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 17, 2009 12:00 am

Photo Courtesy: Russ Hennings

What is your first memory of skiing?
-  With my mom around 3 years old
Any ski heroes of your childhood?
-  JF Cusson, Phil Pourier
What attracted you to superpipe, big air and slopestyle contests?
-  I was skiing moguls and liked the jumping the most.  I am highly competitive and just found it to be a perfect fit.
Do you have a mentor?
-  Mom and Dad

The East Coast is known for producing top freestyle skiers. What made you choose your events over traditional freestyle disciplines (moguls and aerials)?
-  Moguls and Aerials have become to structured.  The progression in park and pipe can be seen everyday and it is a way to create your own style
What was your scariest moment skiing (jumping)?
-  Overshooting a jump in park city by 150 feet

What was your most glorious moment?
-  Probably my first X Games gold, just did not know what to expect and to win an event you always just hoped to compete in was amazing
Has growing up in Bethel/Sunday River influenced your skiing? How?
Did you try to catch air everywhere you could? 

-  Sunday River is just a great Mt.  They had a park and pipe very early and we where able to ski it right away.  It was just a matter of being in the right place that lead me to where I am today.
Tell us about the Inaugural Dumont Cup event you’re hosting at Sunday River. What was your inspiration for the event?  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -  It’s a way for me to start giving back.  Creating a great event for the younger kids and up and comers.  Because it is coming from an athlete I will make the event cater to the athletes and give them the amount of time they want in order to qualify for the finals.  No two run format, it is a jam that allows kids to progress throughout the day.
You’re already a legend, and have won so many competitions. What are your goals, now?
-  Keep pushing my skiing and start creating a legacy.  Ultimately I want to see this sport in the Olympics and get there.  I think we are on the right track with help from groups like the AFP.

Where is your favorite place to free ski when you’re not competing?
-  Sunday River, Keystone, and St. Anton
What do you like to do during your downtime? 
-  Friends are an important part of my life, I enjoy being around them and when I can I spend time with them off the hill.
Favorite Ski Resort?
-  Sunday River
Favorite Hidden Gem Ski Resort?
-  Laax, Switzerland
Favorite Gondola/Tram/Chairlift?
-  They are all great, means I am going skiing.
Favorite Apres Ski Spot?
-  Any place in St. Anton
Funniest travel story?
-  Too many
One person dead or alive you could take a run with?
-  Richard Branson