U.S. Ski Team’s Hannah Kearney Wins World Cup Moguls Title

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 20, 2009 8:03 pm

The U.S. has added another World Cup Champion to its growing, stellar roster. American freestyler Hannah Kearney (Norwich VT) secured the 2009 World Cup Moguls Championship title after her top-ten performance at the World Cup Freestyle Finals, in La Plagne, France. "I haven’t wanted anything as much as I have wanted this in a long time. It just felt great," Kearney said. "Overall it was a glorious moment—one of the best of my skiing career so far."

Kearney was also second in the overall standings, merely five points away from French skiercross star, Ophelie David. "Winning the globe is the best accomplishment you can get as a moguls skier. It takes so much work," Kearney said. "Since I’ve started skiing World Cup it’s been a goal of mine."

And with her three World Cup wins this year, it was a goal well within reach. However, for Kearney, her easy success this year on the World Cup tour was hard won. "This is my seventh year on the U.S. Ski Team and it took that long to get here," Kearney said. "So, it’s sort of been a long battle, but when you want something that badly it feels good to work for it and come out on top."

Now the dry-humored redhead is looking ahead to the U.S. National Freestyle Championships next week at Squaw Valley, and beyond, to 2010. "I think I’m happy with my confidence. Having the globe puts you in a good place and I’ll take that into my training," Kearney said. "I’m going to train harder than I’ve ever trained before."

The rest of the U.S. crew fared well, with Michael Morse (Duxbury, MA) and Emiko Torito (Denver, CO) each grabbing sixth place. (The American bumpers actually had five women in the top ten.) Austrian friend-to-all, Margarita Marbler grabbed the WC Finals gold for the ladies (see her video here on the Ski Channel, soon), and Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau nabbed it on the men’s side.


La Plagne, France – March 18, 2009
Dual Moguls


1. Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada

2. Guilbaut Colas, France

3. Pierre Ochs, France

4. Anthony Benna, France

5. Vincent Marquis, Canada

6. Michael Morse, Duxbury, MA

7. Sho Kashima, South Lake Tahoe, CA


1. Margarita Marbler, Austria

2. Nikola Sudova, Czech Republic

3. Chloe Dufour Lapointe, Canada

4. Maxime Dufour Lapointe, Canada

5. Jennifer Heil, Canada

6. Emiko Torito, Denver

7. Shelly Robertson, Reno, NV

8. Heather McPhie, Park City, UT

9. Hannah Kearney, Norwich, VT

10. Michelle Roark, Denver

13. Eliza Outtrim, Steamboat Springs, CO