Alaskan Frontier: U.S. Alpine National Championships Update

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 26, 2009 12:03 am

Although Mt. Redoubt puffed and spewed, so far, the schedule for the U.S. Alpine National Championships at Alyeska seems to be on track. Even so, there have been a few hiccups. Namely, the big, white fluffy kind that falls from the sky.

First, U.S. Team skiers were delayed, as flights into Anchorage were cancelled due to volcanic activity. And now that they’ve arrived, their pre-race training has been more like ski porn powder sessions. (Think face shots—not slick, ice-injected rail runs.)

Downhill training is set for today—but not until 4 PM, after which coaches and officials will have worked on the course. In fact, Alyeska, is due to receive another 20 inches tonight.

Even though we wish all involved great luck and a hitch-free Championship event, we’ll admit it. We’re jealous.