Fresh Snow Out West as Winter, Like Jason, Refuses to Die!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 10, 2009 10:20 am

Jason from Friday the 13th would be proud.  No matter how hard the sun’s orbit attempts to kill off Winter, Winter refuses to die!  A machine gun blast of 50 degree temps to the gut last week, yet Winter survives.  Thousands greasing up their mountain bikes, yet Winter survives.  Winter can not be killed!

In the past few days, Utah and California have both debuted Part III of the popular Winter sequels.   Utah’s Solitude and Brighton have both received the healing powers of 17 inches of new snow.  In Cali, Mammoth Mountain has piled up 19 inches.  Squaw Valley has garnered 12 inches.

Yes, Winter is sneaking in a few… last… gasps.  Try as folks might to kill Winter off, Winter just keeps coming back.  Analysts have said as long as Winter’s box office numbers stay strong, we may never see an end to Winter.  Winter Part XXXV, oh the happiness of such a thought!

**Spoiler Alert**  Sunday at Mammoth will be All Time.  Temps are expected to hit close to 50, and after a coating of fresh snow, this weekend will be Spring Skiing Utopia.  See you at Steep’s on Sunday!

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