Inaugural Dumont Cup Huge Success at Sunday River in Bethel

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 13, 2009 11:20 am

The official website of Bethel, Maine informs enquiring minds that Bethel is a town of “active retirees” where “Victoria’s Secret is a chocolate raspberry dessert” .  For the Internet Generation, however, Bethel is famous for being Simon Dumont’s hometown.  For all generations, Bethel has meant skiing.  The current exhibition at the Historical Society’s Regional History Center commemorates the 50th anniversaries of Sunday River and Mt. Abram ski resorts.

This past weekend, Simon Dumont returned home to put his hometown, endorsement stamp on Bethel with the first annual Dumont Cup at Sunday River.  The competition also marks the one year anniversary of Dumont’s mind-blowing quarter pipe world record.

Dumont did not disappoint the locals making his signature event a pro/am comp. Around seventy amateurs showed up to measure their skills against a who’s who of the top park riders in the world: TJ Schiller, Peter Olenick, Jossie Wells, Tom Wallisch, and of course, Mr. Dumont, himself.  The amateurs were slimmed down to a field of 14, and immediately plumped up on a free afternoon BBQ.  Nice touch.

The slopestyle course, designed by Dumont, benefited from great late season conditions.  Soft snow and loose limbs make for great park skiing, and chairlift riders were given the luxury box treatment.  For a good blow-by-blow of the action, check NewSchoolers.

A successful inaugural even for Mr. Dumont.  Big congrats and we look forward to next year’s second annual.  When the 50th Dumont Cup comes to Sunday River and Bethel, what will active retiree Simon Dumont think of Victoria’s Secret?

First Annual DUMONT CUP Final Results:
1) Tom Wallisch
2) Joss Christensen
3) Mike Riddle
4) Simon Dumont
5) Matt Margetts
6) Vincent Gagnier
7) Clayton Villa
8) Joe Schuster
9) Laurent Favre
10) Samuel LaGrange

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