Blister the Runs, Not Your Lips

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 15, 2009 2:00 pm

When returning from your ski trip, it’s nice to be left with the memories of flying down a mountain.  It’s not nice to be left with fried lips.  Fried lips prevent you from being the Don Juan (or Donna Juan) that you are.  Smooching becomes problematic when your lips appear disease ridden.  In a nutshell, burnt lips are a big bummer.

In Europe for years, folks have known about Labello, the lip balm stick that protects your lips, thus ensuring your regular romantic ventures.  Trust me when I say, not all lip balms are created equally.  But, how to overcome Labello only being available in Europe?  Not to fear, Labello is simply sold under the Nivea Sun name here in the U.S.  So get yourself some Nivea Sun so you can kiss somebody besides yourself in the mirror.  Pucker up, Bret Michaels style, and be happy your lips aren’t a bloody, blistery mess.






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