World’s First Ever Steam Powered Snowboard

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 21, 2009 4:00 pm

It’s called the Steampunk Snowboard, and with apologies to those who took the title of this story at face value, the snowboard does not really operate on steam.  In fact, the “Steampunk Snowboard” does not really do anything other than slide down the mountain.  More art project than technological leap, co-conspirators Russssman and Nino put together Version One of the Steampunk Snowboard to ride around Arapahoe Basin for the resort’s annual Ski Jam (aka FreeBasin).

Needless to say, the snowboard/art project was quite the sensation up on the mountain. 

“At the top of the lift, folks gathered to watch me ride it down. Employees at A-Basin followed us down the whole way. The attention was a lot of fun.”

As for the snowboard itself?

“The machine rode fairly well. The sails scooped up a lot more air than I expected. Unfortunately, they also scooped up snow if I turned too hard. In version 2, we’re wanting to have the sails up considerably higher. We also need to re-engineer much of the front design to be stronger.”

Very cool!  We look forward to next year’s version of the Steampunk Snowboard.  Hopefully the recent advances in steam-powered snowboard technology will result in less of a carbon footprint for Version Two.

photos by Zaskoda

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