The Flying Fish

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 23, 2009 12:00 am

Photo by:  Doug Haney

Erik Fisher.  Get used to hearing his name, because he will be jumping from podium to podium next season…hopefully in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Fish was a mover and shaker in the 2008-2009 season and finished strong coming in 2nd at the Nature Valley U.S. Alpine Championships (between Marco Sullivan and Jeremy Transue).  

Off the slopes, Fish keeps busy by kiteboarding, surfing, kayaking, and running Skodeo.  What’s Skodeo?  Recently, he started an online classifieds company dedicated to outdoor sporting gear.   Does Skodeo inventory include the pink sunglasses Fish is sporting in the photo to the left?  We hope so, but you can find out by reading the Q & A below for more information!  Stay tuned for more on The Flying Fish…and be sure to check out Erik’s website here!



What is your first memory of skiing?
-  I was about 8 years old and we were doing ski jumping after the GS race as a combined type of a event for younger kids. The older kids some how talked me into starting way to high for this jump but I went any way and landed way down in the flats. I crashed really hard but I still won so I was pumped.
Any childhood ski heroes?
-  Hermann Maier was someone that I always watched race as a kid and would dream of racing some day. This past season I raced him at Kitz and I was actually in 1st as he came down and he got me by just 4 hundreths of a second.  Next year he is going down. 
Do you have a mentor?
-  My parents and I are really close and they are why I’m able to be a ski racer for sure so got to throw some love there way.

During the season, what keeps you motivated and focused as you travel from competition to competition? 
-  Well when it comes to DH ski racing you don’t have a choice on being focused or not because you have to be or you will hurt yourself in a bad way. I just love the sport, the speed the thrill and most of all I love to win.

Training must get tiresome in the off-season, how do you stay mentally and physically sharp for the up-coming season? 
-  Outside of ski racing I have a totally different life and friends that really bring me back to a good place to refocus.  I also do a lot of other sports that get my mind off every thing.

Is there a U.S. Ski Team athlete (male or female) that you can always count on to pump you up for a race or for support in general?

Steven Nyman and I are really good friends.  Having someone like him on the road with you is a good thing.

What was your scariest moment skiing?
-  Running #2 at Kitz my first time there!!

Any ski-related moment you’ll never forget?
-  My first top 10 in Val Gardena

Tell us about the plans for your new website and what does it do?  Why an Internet company?
SKODEO.  I’m starting an online classifieds for outdoor sporting gear!  It will be the Hybrid of Ebay and craigslist. Outdoor sports is my life I live to be having fun outdoors. To have a company that will further submerge me into that is a dream come true. We just launched and so let’s make this site the only place to find your new and used outdoor sporting gear. Go check it out, it’s so sick. Postings are free so post away. 

What are your goals in the near future?  Can you explain why the Olympics are on your radar and what you’re doing to prepare?
- The Olympics would be an amazing thing to be apart of so I’m going to give it my all to race for the good old USA in Vancouver 2010.  I’m skiing well enough to make the team I just need to bring all the pieces together and getter done. 

Do you have a routine before race day?  You only eat certain foods? Do ten jumping jacks before you get dressed?  Sing your favorite song in the shower?  You get the idea…

-  Actually I have to sleep with my blankey the night before every race…No, not really, I was kidding. I have one thing I say right before I go out of the starting gate, I would like to tell but I have never told anyone what I say. You will just have to watch and see if you can read my lips.  That’s all I do that is the same every time, I don’t like routines. 

In terms of music, what is on a typical “Fish Playlist”?
-  Anywhere from Toby Keith to Jack Johnson to Lil Wayne.

What do you like to do during your downtime?
-  I kiteboard, dirt bike, kayak, surf, and Pole Vault well I’ve never tried that last one but sure looks like fun. 
Favorite Ski Resort?
-  Whistler!
Favorite Gondola/Tram/Chairlift?
-  Chair 6 at Bogus Basin just out side Boise, Idaho.

One person dead or alive you could take a run with?
-  Jesus! I would bet he is good.