Poachers Hit Mt. Hutt for Pre-Ski Season Action

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 4, 2009 11:54 am

If you were to stalk Herman Maier — and who wouldn’t want to stalk the coolest ski racer this side of Bode Miller? — Mt. Hutt in New Zealand would be a good place to start.  An hour outside of Christchurch, Mt. Hutt is situated in the magnificent Souther Alps of New Zealand, and is one of the Austrian Ski Teams summer ski training mountains. 

This past weekend, skiers and snowboarders with serious cases of Winter Jones hiked up Canterbury’s Mt. Hutt to lay down the first tracks of the season, six weeks ahead of the ski resort’s scheduled opening.

Taking advantage of last Thursday and Friday’s storm that dropped a foot-and-a-half of new snow, locals eschewed the two pubs in nearby Methven, and relieved a bit of ski tension.  “We’ve got some awesome powder at the moment so it’s great to see locals hitting the slopes and having some fun so early in the season,” said James McKenzie of Mt. Hutt.

Locals then returned to the distinctly-named “The Brown Pub” or “The Blue Pub”, awaiting the official start of the Mt. Hutt season on June 6th.

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