Tanner Hall & Wiley Miller Injured on TGR Shoot at Stevens Pass

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 18, 2009 5:30 pm

Pros are pros because of how effortless and stylish they make their work look.  This past weekend, we witnessed a frightening reminder of how dangerous the profession of freestyle skier is.  Tanner Hall and Wiley Miller both were injured at a TGR shoot in Stevens Pass, Washington.  Injuries are part and parcel for professional skiers, but this situation was most unusual in that both skiers were injured on a terrain park jump. 

On Friday, May 15, Wiley Miller overshot the landing of the jump, fracturing both his left eye socket and his left heel, chipping his right heel, and sustaining a concussion.  Thankfully, by Friday evening the Salt Lake City man was up and about.  He should be OK soon.

With Wiley’s injury on Friday, caution was the over arching mood on Saturday for Tanner Hall’s shoot.  But, even after speed checking the jump with Dash Longe, Tanner severely overshot the landing, hitting the flats hard.

Tanner’s agent, Tom Yaps said, “Tanner’s in remarkably good spirits and already talking about his plans post recovery.  We’ll know more regarding possible surgery and rehab after he consults with Salt Lake City doctors tomorrow. But as of now, Tanner and his family are all staying positive and looking towards the future.”

The story is unfolding and we’ll keep you up to date here at The Ski Channel.  We are all thinking positive thoughts for Tanner and Mr. Miller.

photo by taylor and africa

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