Receive College Credits for Skiing Argentina!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 27, 2009 3:07 pm

Studying abroad just got a lot cooler for ski and snowboard addicts.  Sierra Nevada College (SNC) is offering summer courses in Bariloche, Argentina.  Receive college credits while laying down tracks on the slopes of Patagonia.  Minimum age is 15 for high school students, and any college or university students are eligible.  I’m going back to school now!

Sierra Nevada College has partnered up with South American Snow Sessions (SASS), an organization that operates a scenic campus right next to the Cerro Cathedral Snow Resort.

The schedule of an “average day” lists “Mountain Activities” from 9pm to 2am.  Five hours of skiing a day!  The recurrent school nightmare most of us have of not being prepared on exam day would be replaced by what?  The nightmare of no lift ticket?  Forgetting your ski boots?

Classes vary from one to three credits and are taught by SNC faculty.  Here’s the breakdown:

3-Credit Courses:
Spanish in the Field (SPAN 151)
Photography in the Environment (PHTG 115)
Introduction to Ski Business (SBRM 201)
Principles of Outdoor Leadership (ODAL 201)
Internship in Ski Business Management (SBRM 390)

1-Credit Courses:
Downhill Skiing (PHED 131)
Snowboarding (PHED 119)
Mountaineering (PHED 171)
Map and Compass (PHED 151)
AIARE Avalanche Certification (TBD)
First Aid Certification (TBD)

Downhill skiing is a course!  This is a very good idea.  Tell mom I said so. 

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