Cue the Fat Lady: Final Weekend for Skiing at Arapahoe Basin & Snowbird

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 2, 2009 9:57 am

The Fat Lady is warming up.  And so is the weather.  Two of the final four North American resorts still open will be dropping out of the field this weekend, as Arapahoe Basin (CO) and Snowbird (UT) will be closing down Sunday.

For A-Basin, the curtain drops on yet another glorious year.  Two lifts will be open this weekend.  Folks have one last opportunity to make some turns and reward themselves by sitting under the sun at Black Mountain Lodge where utopian contentment is served up fresh.

Over at Snowbird, the closing date has been moved up a week.  Even this coming weekend is somewhat in doubt with rain in the forecast all week.  It was a massive winter season for Snowbird, registering 621 inches of snow.  For the developing snow enthusiast, any time a mountain passes the 600 inch mark in a season, you are allowed to reminisce about that year for eternity.  “Well young ‘un, let me tell you about the Winter of 2009…”

After this weekend, the Final Four will be widdled down to two.  Mammoth Mountain and Timberline Ridge in Oregon will be the last resorts standing. 

With Superman currently unavailable to spin around the globe to restart winter, The Ski Channel has set-up a social safety net for all mountain addicts who are unable to cope with the end of the ski season.  Just sit real close to the TV, flip on The Ski Channel, and hold an ice-cube in both hands.  Not since Brainstorm has there been better a virtual reality experience!

That, or flip the script and get yourself down to Chile or New Zealand, where the skiing games are about to begin

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