The Ski Channel Now Available Through AT&T U-Verse

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 2, 2009 11:26 am

On their album Ill Communication, The Beastie Boys rapped about “Ma Bell” connecting you.  Perhaps an updated lyric is in order, as now it’s not Ma Bell, but AT&T U-Verse doing the (video) connecting.

Steve Bellamy, Chairman & CEO of The Ski Channel, announced today that The Ski Channel is now available for all mountain-addicts on AT&T U-verse,  free on demand.  Bellamy waxed poetic about our super cool operation here.  “There are only a handful of television networks that bring the quality of viewing experience of The Ski Channel,” said Bellamy. “You are skiing the steepest fall lines in Alaska one minute with incredible theatrical releases like ‘First Descent,’ hanging with the coolest athletes at a posh ski resort the next and then stepping off a 2000 foot cliff while para-gliding in the Himalayas. Our next phase is getting this great service in more households. Combined with our other distribution, our availability on U-verse TV puts us in nearly 20 million homes.”

Twenty million homes.  Average number of residents per home = 3.21.  Average number of eyeballs per person = 1.99999  Factor it all out and that’s 128-million eyes.  The Ski Channel has an audience of 128-million eyes!

“Considering we have only been on the air for a few months, we are extremely happy.”

Happy also that First Descent is now showing on The Ski Channel.  “‘First Descent’ is a spectacular film,” said Andy Nelkin, President of Panasonic. “The Ski Channel is the perfect targeted network to give the film the broad distribution it deserves.”


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