$1 Hotel Rooms for June 20 in Christchurch, New Zealand

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 8, 2009 9:30 am

First it was 10-10-2-20, where all calls were under a buck.  Then McDonald’s took over the dollar market with their dollar menu.  But now, it’s Christchurch in Canterbury on New Zealand’s South Island.  For just a buck, you get something much better than a phone call or a greasy burger.  You get a hotel room!

Between now and Friday, June 19th, $1 hotel rooms will be made available for the night of June 20th on the Christchurch & Canterbury website.  June 20th is the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. 

Not sure how many rooms will be made available for the buck price.  I logged onto the site and tried to nab one, but nothing was available.  The site notes, “These amazing deals will be released daily at random, so be sure to check back here for the latest availability.”

Canterbury’s biggest ski resort, Mt. Hutt, is also getting in on the buck action.  A live online auction, with some items set at a $1 reserve price, will be up for grabs on the Mt. Hutt website until the end of the ski season in October.

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