Vermont Ski Resort, Magic Mountain, to Become Co-Op

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 15, 2009 3:23 pm

First off, we’re not talking about the bankrupt theme park.  We’re talking about Magic Mountain, the southern Vermont ski resort started in 1960 by skiing pioneer Hans Thorner.  The Swiss-born Thorner set up a family resort.  Reasonable lift ticket prices bought skiers 1600 vertical feet of some of the best and most challenging terrain on the east coast.

As other ski areas in the area expanded and developed, Magic Mountain kept its community charm.  Charm may work in the dating game, but it does not pay the bills. 

Magic Mountain has had some lean years before.  The resort was forced to shut down for a couple seasons in the 1990s because of bankruptcy.  New owners stepped in, but now current owner Jim Sullivan, a former ski racer, is looking for answers in a questionable economy.

Sullivan did not have to look far for a financial model for keeping small community ski resorts operating.  Nearby Mad River Glen is Vermont’s only cooperatively owned ski mountain.  Sullivan hopes Magic Mountain will become the second.  Mad River’s co-op arrangement has been a huge success, evidenced by the $1.6 million restoration of the resort’s famous single-person chairlift

Shares of Magic Mountain will be going for 3k.  Sullivan needs to sell 300 shares by September 1st.  The community ski resort is a treasure of memories, and Sullivan is confident Magic Mountain holds deep meaning and importance for those who frequent the mountain.

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