Dr. Hauschka’s Birch Arnica Body Oil: Dr. Feel Good

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 16, 2009 12:24 pm

Ben-Gay’s been around for a good long while, and sure, the tingly sensation helps mask the rocking, aching pain you’re trying to placate. But ooooh, that smell! And we’re not talking about some Lynard Skynard tune.

Enter Dr. Hauschka’s Birch Arnica Body Oil. It’s smooth and softening, and it smells subtly like birch, mint and lemon, to revitalize both your muscles and your mood. The sunflower seed oil base is also light and warming, unlike a cool, heavy cream. But here’s the best part: The active ingredients, arnica and birch leaf extract actually DO something, to help heal your muscle and joint soreness, rather than simply cover up the pain. In fact, Arnica has long been touted as a homeopathic remedy to treat bruises and inflammation. It actually helps improve circulation by moving lactic acid and other toxins out of the injured area. Basically, you’ll feel as good as new—minus the smell.

($29; dr.hauschka.com)