USOC Approves Record Funding of $16.5 Million for Lead-up to Winter Olympics

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 16, 2009 5:17 pm

Three cheers for the United States Olympic Committee’s board of directors!  At their quarterly meeting last week in Colorado Springs, the USOC approved a budget of $16.5 million for the season leading up to the Winter Olympics.  The money is doled out to NGBs, those are National Governing Bodies, who train our Winter Olympic hopefuls. 

Compiling four years of funding leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the USOC has ATMed $58.2 million to NGBs.  A lot of cash is always a lot of cash, but what of context?  The 58.2 number is substantially higher than the  previous lead-up (2003-2006) total of $37.5 million.  It’s an increase of 20 million, or 55.2 percent.  Boom!

It’s hopeful that the increase in funding will offset the loss of sponsorship dollars that inevitably occurs in an unhappy economy.  USOC Acting Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Streeter flexed her funding muscles while commenting, “”The USOC is doing everything we can to support America’s athletes at the highest level in this final year leading up to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Today’s economy has made it very difficult for our athletes and NGBs to maintain consistency and continuity of their programs. We believe this funding is essential in supporting our teams and helping our NGBs prepare their athletes over the next eight months and on the ground in Vancouver next winter.”

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