Roger Federer’s Wimbledon & Bode Miller’s Hannenkahm: Find the Connection

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 17, 2009 2:55 pm

On the eve of Wimbledon, The Ski Channel undertakes a purely scientific evaluation between tennis and skiing’s most prestigious events.  Let’s dig up the evidence and find the elusive connection between the champions of grass and snow, Roger Federer and Bode Miller

Wimbledon. It’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world.  It’s been around since your great-great-great grandfather was still kickin’ it, back in 1877.

The Hahnenkamm. The oldest ski ever is an 8000-year-old non-twin-tip, dug up in Russia.  But it was not until the turn of the 20th century that ski technology caught up with the Streif, the fearsome slope of the Hahnenkamm race.  The first Hahnenkamm was in 1931.

The Spectator Experience
Wimbledon.  Centre Court is the seat to have and this year a retractable roof will be unveiled.  Other modern upgrades debuting at the 87-year-old stadium include wider and more comfortable seats.
The Hahnenkamm.  Standing room only for 40,000 plus with the chance for a drunk Austrian to puke on your shoes.  A risk worth taking while watching the greatest skiers in the world fly

Wimbledon.  The world’s best battle it out in best-of-five set matches.  Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer fought an athletic war for nearly five hours in 2008.
The Hahnenkamm.  The race is over and done in under two minutes.  But this is one athletic war where you can die.  No one ever died playing Wimbledon, but one of its players did commit murder.  Thomas St Leger hacked a Danish lady for gambling debts, stuck her in a trunk, and died in prison.

Home Country Heros
Wimbledon.  Fred Perry was the last Brit to win Wimbledon.  Since then, there’s been an 73-year drought. 
The Hahnenkamm.  It’s news when an Austrian doesn’t win Hahnenkamm.  Six of the last nine winners have been Austrians.

Where to Get a Drink
Wimbledon.  Hey this ain’t no rock concert.  Spectators can bring their own bottle of wine..  No watered down Coors Light for you!
The Hahnenkamm.  After the race on Saturday night, American and Canadian racers take over the bartending duties at The Londoner Pub. 

The Londoner Pub, there’s the connection!  Just have to dig deep…

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