Apple Developing Speed & Airtime Monitor for Skiers & Boarders

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 22, 2009 10:22 am

Watch out braggart, science is about to quantify your boasts.  A 41-page patent filing credited to three Apple engineers describes a device to measure speed, air time, and power.  The first two (speed and air time) are self-explanatory, the third (power) will measure the amount of energy absorbed.  How fast you went, how high you launched, and how hard you skied will become quantifiable variables.

What will become of the current descriptors of “mad” air and “sick” speed, when mad air and sick speed can both be measured? 

The patent describes the usefulness of such a device for cocktail-drinking snow enthusiasts:

For example, suppose two users ski only blue, intermediate slopes with the exact same skill and aggressiveness except that one user chooses to sit in the bar for three hours having a couple of cocktails. At the end of an eight hour day–providing the power sensor is activated for the whole day–the skier who skied all eight hours will have a power measurement that is 8/5 that of his cocktail-drinking companion. They can thereafter quantitatively talk about how easy or how difficult their ski day was. As for another example, suppose a third friend skis only double-diamond slopes and he takes four hours out to drink beer. At the end of the day, his power measure may still be greater than his friends depending upon how hard he skied during his active time. He could therefore boast–with quantitative power data to back him up–that he had more exercise than either of his friends even though he was drinking half the day.

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