Ten Treasures Mountain Bike Champ Missy Giove Will Never Lose

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 23, 2009 11:56 am

The  “Missile” is in big trouble, but here are ten things Giove’s alleged crime could never overshadow:

1.     Her trophy case. Before retiring from competition, this gal won more NORBA races than anyone (she notched 14 golds) and was second on the World Cup list for wins (11). She’s also the proud owner of two World Cup Overall titles and the 1994 World Championship downhill title.

2.     She wore a dried pirhana around her neck when she raced. It was her dead pet, “Gonzo.”

3.     She is openly gay, which in the world of sports, is very brave and cool.

4.     In 2004, Giove appeared in the cartoon, Rocket Power. The episode was named, “Missile Crisis.”

5.     She rode and raced with the ashes of her deceased dog, “Ruffian,” tucked inside her sports bra.

6.     Giove sported a mean Mohawk—a tough ‘do’ for a lady to pull off. Add in dreadlocks and two-tone color, and it was extra badass.

7.     At the height of her mountain bike racing success, Giove appeared on Letterman and held her own.

8.     She was the face of her sport—and for a period of time, Reebok.

9.     Her muscles and snarl could strike fear in the hearts of vampires, even Twilight’s Edward.

10.  She first went downhill on a dare. In 1990, Giove flew down Vermont’s Mt. Snow, racing on a borrowed bike. She crashed several times and struck fear in the hearts of many. She also won.