The Ski Channel’s Michael Jackson Video Tribute

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 25, 2009 3:53 pm

Michael Jackson, the King, has passed away at 50.  I’ve been asking everybody here at The Ski Channel their favorite Michael Jackson song*, because everyone loves a little Michael Jackson from time-to-time.

The King got his PHD in dance.  His revolutionary dance moves have inspired generations since that first moon walk on the 1983 television special, Motown 25.  I’m saddened that in my youth I did not spend more time in front of the mirror, perfecting Michael Jackson’s moves.  Attention youngsters: Ladies at weddings like the MJ dancers.  Start practicing now.

We here at The Ski Channel, would like to pay tribute to the Gloved One.  On our recent trip to Jamaica with Errol Kerr of The Jamaican Ski Team, we came across Frisky, the Entertainment Director at Decameron Club Caribbean Hotel.  Frisky wanted to share his love of Michael Jackson’s dance moves with Errol.  We’ll just call Errol a good sport, and not mention his two left feet (video below).

RIP, Michael Jackson.  Twenty-six years after Motown 25, your moves still electrify.  Timeless, inspiring, revolutionary, Michael Jackson will continue to be all those things.

* my choices: “PYT” and “I’ll Be There”


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