U.S. Snowboarder Graham Watanabe Reports from Afghanistan

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 25, 2009 1:12 pm

American snowboarding sensation Graham Watanabe has been in Afghanistan on a goodwill tour, and in the midst of imminent danger, he’s OK. In fact, he’s humbled. Here’s what he had to share with his Facebook friends:

For those unaware, I’m currently touring Afghanistan to visit some of our troops stationed here over the last few years. While I’ll never be able to truly comprehend what they experience and sacrifice, I’m learning to appreciate what little I do understand much more than I ever have. If you know anyone serving, who served in the past, or just see someone on the streets serving at home, give ‘em a high five, hug, salute or whatever embodies the gratitude they deserve. While we may not always agree with the reasoning behind the wars in which we’re involved, these men and women didn’t make the choice to be there. They selflessly agreed to protect our freedoms and lifestyles. They fight far away from home, often for years at a time, so that the fight may not be fought on our soil. So, cheers, troops! Thanks for your service and hospitality!