Japan to Jamaica: The Ski Channel Travel Log of Upcoming Original Programming

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 26, 2009 1:58 pm

There is no off-season here at The Ski Channel.  We are not disparaging any hard work that you’ve been doing over the past few months, but we have been in overdrive.  We here at The Ski Channel are omnipotent, sleep-deprived proselytizers of skiing, traveling the globe to find the best stories in skiing.  A selected run-down of a few spots we’ve been recently:

Errol Kerr.  The Ski Channel traveled with Errol to his native Jamaica.  Kerr is a ski cross star who will represent Jamaica at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  While in Jamaica, Kerr hooked up with members of the Jamaican bobsled team, attempted a few Michael Jackson dance moves, and paraded on the beach in his oh-so-sexy Spyder racing suit.

Mammoth Mountain” />Mammoth Mountain
Simon Dumont.  We met up with Simon up at Mammoth Mountain, got some super cool shots of Dumont boosting out of the upper-mountain Spring pipe at Mammoth.  Filmed Simon at the Solomon Jib Academy slide-tackling campers in what was supposed to be a friendly game of soccer.  Dumont is a competitor, period.   We then corralled Simon to sit down with us for an extended interview at the Red Bull house.  In that interview it was decided that he and Tanner Hall are the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird of freestyle skiing.

Erik Fisher.  Don’t let his calm, reserved demeanor fool you.  Erik Fisher is a mad man.  We met up with Erik at the first Mammoth Invitational.  The 24-year-old’s first full season on the World Cup was a smashing success.  The speed-skiing specialist scored two impressive downhill results: an 11th at Hahnenkamm and a 7th at Val Gardena.  Buy stock in Erik Fisher.  The man is on the rise.  And he’s one of the coolest dudes on the planet. You can watch the entire Mammoth Invitational on The Ski Channel starting in August.

Casey Puckett
.  Four-time Olympian, Puckett will be a ski cross favorite at his fifth Olympics in Vancouver.  He told us one of the great all-time Alberta Tomba stories.  Quick synopsis: Tomba hits on Puckett’s cousin, Holly, in broken English, “You like spaghetti?  Room 202.”  Spaghetti 202 is now code for Alberta Tomba.  Classic.

Marco Island, Florida
Dick Bass.  The annual National Ski Areas Association convention brought the opportunity to talk to ski industry legends.  Probably none bigger than the “loud-mouthed bass from Texas,” the poetic-rapping founder of Snowbird, the great Dick Bass.  No one tells stories like Mr. Bass–from Dick Cheney’s (and coincidentally also Dick Bass’s) lawyer who Cheney shot on that infamous hunting trip to Bass’s plans for Snowbird A.B. (After Bass) as he candidly comes to terms with his own mortality.  We were shocked by this.  Surely Dick Bass is immortal!

Lake Tahoe, California
Glen Plake.  Met up with the always entertaining soul-of-skiing, Glen Plake, for his signature event, The Gunbarrel 25.  Twenty-five laps on Tahoe’s most famous mogul run and a chance to meet generations of Face Rats, the gang of mogul-slayers who’ve been meeting for afternoon laps of The Gunbarrel since… well forever.  Each year, The Gunbarrel 25 reminds skiers, snowboarders, and teleskiers that we are all one community.  One nation under snow!

Lynsey Dyer.  There’s no getting around the fact that Lynsey Dyer looks like a supermodel.  That is until she straps on a helmet and goggles and hucks bigger cliffs than the boys.  Oh, and she also loves Tom Petty, has her own t-shirt line, and is an immensely talented artist and photographer.  Dyer takes a mean spill in Japan, slicing up her eyelid.  The Ski Channel was there holding Dyer’s hand through the whole bloody mess of surgery.  Here’s hoping she likes us more because, you know, we were there for her!

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Ski Channel was definitely up-in-it at SIA, the annual SnowSports Industries America.  We set up a stage in the middle of the convention floor and rangled a who’s who of mountain superstars.  Among them: Tanner Hall, big mountain snowboard messiah Jeremy Jones, Olympic silver-medalist and multiple X Games gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler, five-time World Cup overall champ Marc Girardelli, Jackson Hole big-mountain cliff-hucker Lynsey Dyer, the godfather of freestyle skiing = Mike Douglas, and ski movie legend Scott Schmidt.  Look for all-of-the-above and more on The Ski Channel’s original production, Moguls.

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