MSP’s New Film IN DEEP Trailer and First Stop on the Tour Announced

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 30, 2009 9:56 am

Just when your jones for all things ski was becoming too much, today brings this joyous news: MSP has announced the first tour date of their new release “IN DEEP: The Skiing Experience” and have released a teaser to satisfy you ski fix.

So roll up your sleeves and listen to Murray Wais on the mic. ““The format of the film is going to be a fresh approach for MSP this year.  We captured so much epic footage this winter, we could have put out five teasers like this.”  

Could have?  How about should have!  The Weather Gods cooperated big time this year while Matchstick was in Haines.  Skier Eric Hjorliefson said, ““Haines, AK was the ultimate trip because everything came together.  We had great weather, great snow, and we were able to ski everything we wanted to, which usually never happens.”

In the film there will be a tribute to long time Matchstick man Shane McConkey.  “Shane McConkey was the greatest ski film star of our time, in addition to being an incredible person and a loyal friend. We all miss him deeply,” said Co-Founder, Steve Winter.  Bust out your best Saucer Boy garb, as each stop on the tour will award the best McConkey-alter-ego costume.

The movie was shot on location in Squaw Valley, Keystone, British Columbia, Italy, Haines, Sweden, and Crested Butte.

Now for the list of superstar skiers in “IN DEEP”: Mark Abma, Sean Pettit, Eric Hjorleifson, Daron Rahlves, Henrik Windstedt, Chris Davenport, Bobby Brown, Colby West, TJ Schiller, Mike Douglas, Kaj Zackrisson, James Heim, Hugo Harrisson, Rory Bushfield, PK Hunder, Ingrid Backstrom, Jacob Wester, Russ Henshaw, Henrik Harlaut, Alexis Godbout, Michelle Parker, JT Holmes, Sammy Carlson, Chris Rubens and Shane McConkey.

First stop on the tour is set for September 19th in Boulder, Colorado.  The rest of the tour dates will be announced shortly.  Surely, it will be an epic visual experience of the beautiful skiing kind!

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