Do they just want a shorter drive to Sundance? Celebs stalk Park City!

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 7, 2009 6:21 am

Like the Sundance Film Festival, the stars come and go.  They should have started an agency awhile back and maybe they would have competed with William Morris Endeavor.  So like an Adam Sandler song about famous Jewish people, lets look under the hood of this place and see who’s been there or there now.  Lets see who likes to ski Park City.

If you are into the 6 degrees of seperation, then Park City is a great place to start as Kevin Bacon had a house there.  Rumor was the Rain Man Dustin Hoffman looked at a lot of places.  He’s not on the tax rolls though.  James Caan left Las Vegas for the Park.  Gene Hackman did as well.  As did Cheech Marin, Tony Danza and Snowboarder Montel Williams who said snowboarding helped his MS.

If your work is your dream and the dream works, then you might be Jeffrey Katzenberg who seconded in Deer Valley and lent his home to the Clinton Family.  Word is that he only charged them $99.00 per night with no charges for HBO and a continental breakfast.  Chelsey spilled Grape Kool Aid on of the sofa’s, but the parties settled out of court.  If you want to fight for your right to party, then Park City is the place for you as one of the Beastie Boys seconded there as well.

Of course Mr. Moneybags slash (not the GNR guitar player) Mr. Utah, Mitt Romney has a home nearby as does Good Morning America’s Charles Gibson.  John Cusack used to have a home there (he’s really tall) and Friends’ Lisa Kudrow has a place.  Remember Scott Wolf – Party of Five – he’s got a place there.

We said we were going to do 93 of these – that’s 6!