Olympic Decision for Women’s Ski Jumping Comes Tomorrow

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 9, 2009 1:01 pm

A group of female athletes including World Champion Lindsey Van have been pushing for the inclusion of Women’s Ski Jumping in the 2010 Olympic Games. The ruling is due tomorrow, so the fate for next year’s Olympics will be sealed.

It’s been an arduous process, but the athletes have had the backing of former Salt Lake City mayor Deedee Corradini, who served her term when Salt Lake secured their bid for the 2002 Olympic Games. Corradini also serves as president for Women’s Ski Jumping USA.

Corradini has been fighting for the lady jumpers’ inclusion since the IOC voted against them. “To have a men’s only sign on these ski jumps seems to be discriminatory and contrary to Canada’s own human rights act,” Corradini told the AP last year.

Tomorrow’s decision is a weighty one for the U.S., as the Americans are one of the strongest teams in the field. Here’s hoping they vote in favor of the athletes, and the U.S. will have more medal opportunities in Vancouver. The Ski Channel will keep you posted.