The Mountain West Conference Has Much More to Celebrate than the BCS

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 9, 2009 2:26 pm

Having attended a Big Ten university in the Midwest, I enjoyed Saturday football games quite a bit. It was pre BCS, and the Rose Bowl was the ultimate destination for the team that won the conference. What I couldn’t enjoy was world class skiing without a 20+ hour road trip (which I highly recommend, well worth the effort).

The Mountain West Conference, by comparison, is comprised largely of schools set smack dab in the heart of some of the greatest ski country on the planet. BYU and The University of Utah are in heart of Utah skiing heaven, Air Force Academy and Colorado State have the Rockies as their backdrop, and The University of New Mexico is in striking distance of Taos. And while the Mountain West Conference lost a bid to change the BCS system to allow greater access for their football programs, I think they still have a much more valuable asset in their back yards. I’d take a pow day in Snowbird over a gridiron bowl game any day. While I love college football, let’s keep our eyes on the real prize. Leave the BCS bickering for the unfortunate flat-landers.