Lance Armstrong & the Tour de France of Ski: Stage 8, Pas de la Casa

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 10, 2009 12:00 pm

After stage 7, the first mountain stage of the 96th Tour de France, Lance Armstrong sits in third place, eight seconds off yellow-jersey wearin’ Rinaldo Nocentini of Italy, and two seconds behind teammate Alberto Contador of Spain. 

Up next, a journey from Andorra la Vella to Saint-Girons, France.  A short 33 km into the stage 8 ride, Armstrong, Nocentini, and Contador, will pass by the Ft. Lauderdale of ski areas, Pas de la Casa.  As the two-wheelin’ men test their personal pain limits, rowdy Euros will be doing the exact opposite: getting their party on.

Tour de France of Ski: Stage 8, Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa is Andorra’s highest ski resort, ensuring lengthy ski seasons lasting well into May.  However, if you’re looking for serious pitch to get the heart rate up, best to check out stage 7′s Andorran resort, Ordino-Arcalis.   The slopes of Pas de la Casa will keep any beginner-intermediate types interested, but for this Andorran ski area, it’s not about what’s happening on the slopes, it’s the action off.

Night time here rules like a sunless winter of the North Pole.  Hordes of 20-something Brits, Dutch, and Scandinavians powered by cheap drinks make this the number one party resort of the Pyrnees.  Professional shoppers of all ages from France make the cross-border trek for the duty free shops filled with cheap liquor, tobacco, perfume, and discounted electronics.  A four-story Olympic shopping center towers among inexpensive restaurants and grubby hotels. 

It’s all flavors of ice-cream.  If your desire is to party until 6am, pass out on the floor of a cheap hotel room shared with your seven closest buddies, wake-up the next day and repeat, Pas de la Casa is the skiing scoop for you!

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