Utah Locals Still Skiing Snowbird and Alta!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2009 9:16 pm

Park City resident Kevin Rapf is keeping his record. “I’ve ridden at least once every month for the last 21 months, all in Utah,” Rapf says. “I’m trying to go a solid two years of snowboarding in the state.”

Aside from being, well, just plain cool, Rapf’s diligence is pretty newsworthy. In spite of searing temp’s (the mercury nearly hit 100 F today in Salt Lake City), the Utah mountains still have snow. Even better? They still have skiable terrain!

According to Rapf, his summer skiing feat at Snowbird wasn’t that hard to pull off. He took the tram up the mountain and then hiked down to a ski trail, snowboarded down and was able to hike back up to the tram. “The hike up and out sucked, to be honest, but then again I’m pretty out of shape,” Rapf says.

According to the locals, Alta still has decent coverage, too. Rapf’s friends recently skied Alta. “They rode the main chute off Baldy and said it was really good,” Rapf says. “In fact, you can still ski most of the way down to the Alta lot, with only a few places where you need to get out of your gear and walk over the bare patches.”

So yes, it’s July, and blazing hot. And the Utah ski resorts are still holding to the state’s proud slogan, as the home of the “greatest snow on earth.”

photos: Kevin Rapf