Want to Learn How to Cook a Healthy Meal? Join the USSA and USOC in Park City

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2009 9:41 am

As a skier or snowboarder rigorously training for the 2010 Olympics, you probably don’t have a lot of time to learn how to cook a healthy meal.  Well, now athletes training at the Center for Excellence in Park City will get that opportunity, thanks to a project collaborated on by the US Olympic Committee and the US Ski and Snowboard Association.  

Dieticians from the USOC will not only be in the kitchen at the Center, they will also be teaching the athletes how to cook healthy and, more importantly, tasty meals.  The lessons are part of a six-part workshop series that runs though October.  According to USOC sport dietician Adam Korzun, the focus of the workshops is to teach the athletes about what ingredients are best to use in their cooking, instead of just giving them a few recipes to follow, thus giving them more variety in their diet.  For example, using a whole wheat tortilla instead of a flour tortilla, using low fat cheese, and egg whites only instead of the whole egg. 

Some of The Ski Channel staffers could use this workshop as well…no word yet if the USOC dieticians will make their way to Pacific Palisades after their time in Park City!