Twin Peaks: Lindsey Vonn Still Talking about Meeting Roger Federer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 13, 2009 1:34 pm

To her fans dismay (really, they expressed disappointment), Lindsey Vonn is shutting down her Facebook profile page, and leaving only her fan page. But before doing so, the World Champion skier left a few ditties about her time at Wimbledon.

For starters, she changed her profile picture to one of her and a beaming Roger Federer. The two champions met, and we know that he’s been a longtime hero of Vonn’s. But we’re also pretty sure that Federer must be impressed by Vonn’s skiing Championships and general prowess. Who wouldn’t be?

Vonn also wrote on Facebook that she was watching Roddick vs. Hewitt from the NBC booth. Lucky girl! Fans wrote in about how they saw her on TV wearing pink, the signature color of her custom Spyder suit last season.

We’ll miss living vicariously through Vonn with the help of her Facebook status updates, but she did promise to stay on top of her fan page. Fingers crossed.