Winter Dew Tour Announces 09/10 Season

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 13, 2009 9:55 pm

Snowbasin, Breckinridge and Mount Snow Ski Resort will be the tour stops for the 09/10 season.  The Dew Tour features the worlds best men and women competing in skiing and snowboarding slopestyle and superpipe.  Lets see take the Pythagorean Theorem divide by Pie,  multiply by the inverse remainder … if my math is correct that is 6 distinct disciplines.

The Tour will begin on Dec.18th in Breckenridge, hop over to Snowbasin on Jan 15th and conclude on Feb 5 at Mount Snow.  Each stop is 3 days long.  Last year, rock star Tanner Hall won the Freesking Slopestyle and said that he was completely pumped.  He might have gone with “stoked” to do it again this year.

All three stops will be televised on NBC, USA, MTV2 and around the world on Eurosport 2, Extreme Channel and Fox Sports Australia.  Look at us pimp for every other network, but The Ski Channel.  Are we Switzerland or what?  We of course will be showing a rerun of Bryon Friedman’s camping trip where he and Steven Nyman talk about how many stars are in the sky for 3 hours.  So you can watch Tanner going 42 feet out of the pipe doing aerial gymnastic moves like a 7 year old Russian girl or listen to Bryon go “Steven is that bright one a star or an asteroid?”  and then Steven say “I don’t know.  Do you think there is life on that one?”

Last year 70,000 fans went to the event and an average of 26 Million viewers tuned in via NBC, USA and MTV 2.  Wait a minute 26,000,000???  Cut to Marketing Conference Room.  “Stan how can you justify this 26 Million viewer number?”  “Golly Roger it is easy, I just took the amount of television homes in Breckenridge, extrapolated the amount of people with the letters “dew” in their last name, multiplied by the Pythagorean Theorem…

FYI:  we estimate the numbers for the Bryon Friedman camping show with special guest Steven Nyman will come in right around 72,435,234,539.

All Tom Foolery and Chicanery aside… Kudo’s to Mountain Dew for putting this together and giving these great athletes another forum to do their thing.  Watch it for sure and then get your ass back to The Ski Channel!

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