Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 14, 2009 7:48 pm

By:  Alexa Konstand & Kate Donnelly


In honor of Major League Baseball’s 80th All-Star game this evening in St. Louis, here at The Ski Channel, we decided to put a new spin on a song that will definitely get stuck in your head–90′s hit, “All Star” by Smash Mouth.  Don’t worry, that’s not all!  After you’ve read our rendition, check out The Ski Channel’s 2009 All-Star Lineup below.  Hit it!

Somebody once told me that hill is gonna thrill me                    

I ain’t one to stand aside, so I’ll give it a try

She was looking pretty hot with her Rossi skis and her Alka-Seltzer

Her name begins with “L” and she’s pretty damn fly

Well, the lifts start going and they don’t stop going

Up to the top and I hit the double black

Didn’t make sense not to go all out

Your heart pounds fast and you have a lot of fun

So much to shred, so much to ski

So what’s wrong with going out-of-bounds

You’ll never know if you don’t go

You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

Hey now, you’re a All Star

Strap your boots on, go play

Hey now, you’re a Rock Star

Get your board on, fly high

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Only Ski Channel stars break the mold

The Ski Channel’s 2009 All Star Lineup

10.  He’s an Olympic gold medalist and has medaled in a glorious amount of Winter X Games competitions.  Shaun White has taken the snowboarding world on with full force!  His sponsors range from American Express to Red Bull, and he starred in the 2005 snowboarding documentary First Descent.

9.  Not only is he an 8-time recipient of the “Big Mountain Rider of the Year” award, he’s also the founder and CEO of Protect Our Winters. Jeremy Jones is one of the cream of crop in the snowboarding industry. He’s starred in over 45 action sports films, and has sponsorship deals inked with O’Neill, Rossignol, and Swatch, just to name a few.

8.  All-around super hero, ski mountaineer, ski film star…and author.  Chris Davenport, how do you do it?  He successfully climbed and skied all of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks in one year!  And then, wrote a book.  Thankfully, this gem dubbed Ski the 14ers provides a plethora of fabulous photos for those who don’t read good.

7.   You feel like you’ve know him for years, you’d recognize his laugh any time and any place, and you’d certainly recognize him within milliseconds.  With his colorful mohawk, he has some of the coolest hair on the slopes, and many consider him to be the father of extreme sports.  He started skiing at the age of 2, and is credited with the rise of extreme skiing in the U.S.

6.  Jamaica, we have a Ski Team!  Errol, baby.  Thanks for letting us travel with you to your native Jamaica.  While traveling the world with Errol Kerr, we captured him meeting up with members of the Jamaican bobsled team, attempting a few Michael Jackson moves, and laying on the beach in his oh-so-sexy Spyder racing suit.  This ski cross star will surely make us and Jamaica proud at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  

5.  Some advice I’d like to share before revealing our next All Star–be friends with people from Ohio.  Find me a nicer, more deadly shredder than Ohio native and Aspen’s embraced, Gretchen Bleiler.  Honestly, go for it–but it just won’t happen.  Folks, the Aspen/Snowmass athlete started her own competition called the Snow Angels Invitational.  This competition allows the women to throw down and win some solid bank while also finding time to relax and enjoy the more traditionally, feminine activities at the spa.  Bravo, Gretchen.  If I ever become a pro-snowboarder, I only want to compete at the Snow Angels Invitational.

4.  Known as MD, he’s the patriarch of the Freestyle skiing movement and is one of the biggest names on the mountain.  A native of Canada, he founded the twin tip revolution and was the “Skier of the Year” in 2003.  Not so long ago, The Ski Channel was fortunate enough to sit down and speak with Mike Douglas.  Check out the preview here!

3.  Many refer to them as Freedog and Old School (or “that skier married to Summer Sanders”).  Sorry Schlopy, at least I didn’t say “that guy married to Summer Sanders”.  Did you know that these two skiing studs started a non-profit?  In 2005, Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy officially began the World Cup Dreams Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization to further the growth and development of the world’s best skiers by helping them to attain their skiing goals and dreams through financial assistance and rehabilitation programs. In fact, World Cup Dreams is holding a fundraiser this weekend comprised of a dinner, an auction, and ski clinics in Mt. Hood, Oregon.  If you attend, you’ll be spending time with members of the U.S. National Ski Team – trust us, you want to be one of the lucky few.

Okay guys, we get it.  You’re both hot and smart.  Just in case he didn’t have it in the bag, Mr. Friedman has to go and pull the musician card.  Fortunately, Friedman can counter The Ski Channel trash talk by popping in the album “Road Sodas” or his second, most recently acclaimed album “Matchstick Memories“.  Do either of you even have time to ski anymore?  Speaking of…Congratulations on your retirement, Erik!  Enjoy yourself on the slopes this weekend in Mt. Hood!  The Ski Channel wishes you the best and will see you there!

2.  She is the first American woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships, and  Lindsey Vonn is the most successful American woman skier in World Cup history.  She has become the darling of downhill skiing, signing endorsement deals with Rossignol, Under Armour, and Audi, among others.  She recently met one of her long-time heroes, tennis champ Roger Federer, this past spring while he was en route to his first French Open championship.

1.  Those who live and work amongst the Hollywood Hills have said Ron Howard is the nicest guy in Hollywood, but look out Mr. Howard!  Eight hours northeast of Hollywood, the Sierra Nevada mountains whisper a different name in the small mountain town, known to insiders as, Squallywood.  Squaw Valley is home to captain of The Ski Channel’s 2009 All Star lineup, the one and only,  the late Shane McConkey.  Ron Howard is the talented, successful actor-turned-director, all around nice guy we know him to be.  Shane was the bad ass freeskiing pioneer and pure mountain enthusiast, who never strayed from his smiling and friendly core.  For the combination of your rare features, we thank you Shane.  Through the way you lived your life, you live on, providing an honest example of how to love and live the mountain lifestyle.