Bruno Velcro Suit by Sascha Baron Cohen for Skiing or Snowboarding?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 15, 2009 11:18 pm

The movie Bruno is hilarious and Sacha Baron Cohen is an innovator beyond entertainment. Take for example the velcro suit worn in the film. Imagine if Spyder or Burton put some R&D into that concept and created a velcro suit for skiing or snowboarding. What would the benefits be?

1 – You’d stick your landings for sure.

2 – Your iPod or iPhone won’t slip out of your jacket or pants given the appropriate sleeve.

3 – The chances of falling off a chairlift are greatly reduced although the likelihood of downloading on the lift increases.

4 – If skiing, the velcro on the inner thighs could help your parallel turns by keeping those legs and feet together. Stein Eriksen would be proud.

5 – Couples could truly ride together by buying his and hers version of the suit.

6 – Warren Miller would have an extra chapter in his next movie featuring Bruno’s bloopers.

7- Bruno would become Bogner’s new spokesperson.

8- Burton would counter Bogner by making Borat their spokesman.

9 – Sacha Baron Cohen would punk the 2010 Winter X Games.

10 – The Ski Channel would have an extra movie on its network: Brokeback Bruno



Photo courtesy of AP