Minturn to Remain Thirsty

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 15, 2009 12:48 am

Minturn the uber cool backside of Vail private ski resort, Yellowstone second cousin on the Mom’s side was dealt another high hard one when the Aurora City Council decided to purchase the Columbine Ditch from Pueblo.  Basically the faucet that the proposed resort Battle Mountain was going to be drinking from.

Ginn Company, I mean Blixeth, I mean Ginn Company has planned 1700 homes, 2 gondolas and a bunch of other goodies, but it is seeming less and less likely that the project will get out of the ground with all the crud.  Ginn purchased the 5300 acres of prime cool Colorado land for $32MM in 2005.  He has used the same bank that Blixeth used (Credit Suisse) to borrow $675MM. 

Does anyone know anybody over at Credit Suisse?  I have to make buddies with those guys.  When asked about what Mr. Ginn was going to do about the water issue, he said “it is simple.  I am just going to buy Hydrogen and Oxygen and then put them together.  It’s like 2 parts to 1 part or something…”