Top 10 Things Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer would say to each other at Dinner

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 15, 2009 10:14 am

We all know that Roger Federer and the worlds fastest female

have a mutual admiration society and LIndsey is madly in love

with her charming husband (outside of his computer hogging on tour),

but still indulge us in the top ten things that LIndsey and Club Fed

would say to each other at dinner.


#10  Hey Roger, could you have Mirka drink this potion later tonight.

#9  Hey Roger, there is a warming hut at the bottom of Buck Hill…

#8  Hey Lindsey, what is with those handcuffs.

#7  Hey Lindsey, is your drink making you really tired, really fas……tttt

#6  Hey Roger, in regards to you not ever playing one Grand Slam mixed doubles match…

#5  Hey Lindsey, can I have my phone back.  Mirka said she was calling.

#4  Hey Roger, Basel is my favorite spice.

#3 Hey Lindsey, who would get to spend more time in the mirror?

#2  Hey Lindsey, let me rephrase that…get your own mirror.

#1  Hey Lindsey from the greatest of all time to the other greatest of all time… Lets introduce Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky to my buddy Dr. Kevorkian.