Lance Armstong & the Tour de France of Ski: Stage 13, Schnepfenried

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 16, 2009 11:47 am

A flat tire during stage 12 of the Tour de France put the panic on Lance Armstrong and his Astana teammates.  Armstrong was able to quickly recover and finish with the rest of the pack to remain in third, eight seconds off the lead.  Italy’s Rinaldo Nocentini is still wearing the yellow jersey, and Armstrong’s teammate Alberto Contador of Spain remains in second.

After three stages of flatlands (and flatlanders) with no ski areas, we finally come upon a chance to strap on the planks and make some turns.  Stage 13 of the Tour de France winds through the Alsace region of France.  There is no more beautiful land on the planet than that of Alsace.  And that ain’t no hyperbole!

Tour de France of Ski: Stage 13, Schnepfenried

With seven surface-lifts, the small and incredibly charming ski hill of Schnepfenried provides the opportunity to make turns in the pristine landscape of the Vosges mountains of Alsace, a region of northeast France.  Castles, cathedrals, and farm-inns dot the landscape of thick green forests and magnificent lakes.  The expression is “icing on the cake”, as in it’s icing on the cake to be able to ski in Alsace. 

The northeast region of France has been the property of Germany, then France, then Germany, then France once again.  The cross-polinization of culture has resulted in great Alsatian wines, which are much like their German counterparts, just a bit dryer.  Alsace’s great Reisling wines will make you cry, they’re so good.  For the stinky cheese fans, the region around Schnepfenried is famous for its Munster cheese, strong in taste and scent, soft in texture.

Yes, we’re not talking steep pitches with face-shots of endless powder or even mile-long groomers.  But, the Alsace region of France is straight out of a storybook.  Grab yourself a Reisling, a chunk of Munster cheese, and head to the hills of Schnepfenried!

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