The Ski Channel this Weekend: Joys of Mt. Hood!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2009 7:58 am

The Ski Channel is heading to Mt. Hood tomorrow to attend the World Cup Dreams event and we’re pretty stoked. For starters, we’ll get to rub shoulders with the U.S. Ski Team, and listen in as they coach young, up-and-coming athletes on the ways of the ski. But it’s also been a long time since we’ve been to the area (hey, we launched on Christmas Day, 2008 remember?), so we’re wondering if the place has changed much over the years. Here are some memories and facts about Mt. Hood we can’t forget:

1.     Skiing on Palmer Glacier

For starters, it’s often cloudy when you wake up in Government Camp. (Yes, that’s the name of the town. We’ll get to that, later.) But when you drive the winding road to Timberline, suddenly you burst through the clouds. It’s like being up on the roof of the world.

Eventually the clouds burn off, and you can look out over the mountains and lakes, and the velvety green of the densely wooded forests.

2.     Raspberries

Sure, they’re fresh this time of year, but we’re talking about the kind you get when you rip your skin off skiing up on Palmer. The snow is salted to keep it firm in the blazing sunlight, and because of the heat, chances are you’re wearing a T-shirt. Eat $h!t once and chances are pretty good you’ll drive home with some decorated arms.

3.     Government Camp

OK, here we go. Have you ever heard of a town with a name like this? As far as we can recall, there’s not much to it. And the skate rats virtually took over years ago, with their pants down around their knees. (We like skateboarding. We have nothing against skateboarders. We’re just talking fashion here. And numbers.)

Govy, as it’s lovingly called, didn’t have much. It had an inn (there’s another, now), some condos, a small post office, a brew pub… And Huck Shakes.

4.     The Huckleberry Inn

We remember the owner, Edna (we hope she’s still there, but we’re not sure, sadly) being very hot and vocal about it. But best of all, we recall the glorious purple milkshakes made from Oregon’s very own hucklerries. Those, and the maple bear claws.

5.     The Lakes

We’re talking beautiful lakes, folks. First, there’s Mirror Lake, which involved a nice, leafy hike. Once you’re there, the beauty is your prize. The little lake perfectly reflects Mt. Hood.

And then there’s Trillium. For some reason, we tried to swim across it once. But this puppy is pretty big, so we don’t know what we were thinking. We did manage to swim close to the other side… where there was nothing but a soggy bank and trees. Then what? It was a long swim back.

Here’s the gist: If you’ve never skied Mt. Hood in the summer, run, skip, fly there as fast as you can. You’ll be in for an experience. And if you can make it there by Saturday, you can also attend the World Cup Dreams Fundraising dinner.