American Survives Cliff Fall at French Ski Resort

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 17, 2009 5:20 pm

At an unnamed French Resort yesterday, Bertha Odumbar survived a seventy five foot fall off of a catwalk.  Witnesses said numerous people told her not to get near a ridgeline, but she was mad that a teacher that did not give her skittles candies, so she went anyway in defiance.  31 year old Odumbar is mentally impaired.

“We were watching as she was right by the edge of a big cliff and we yelled at her to get out of that area,” said Mark Simpson.  “She was on a very thin catwalk and missed a pole plant that made her lose balance and made her topple over the edge.”

“We were like is this the dumbest person on the planet,” said Mary Engles.  “I feel kind of bad now.  I hope she is OK.  We didn’t know she was special needs.”

Ms. Odumbar fell directly on her head into a snowbank.  She popped up almost immediately and was seemingly unscathed.  Reportedly Ms. Odumbar was hit on head recently by a cement truck that was backing up and didn’t see her.  Doctors are monitoring her situation closely as the two massive blows to the head in such a short period of time could magnify the possibilities of problems.

“I rode the lift up with her and realized that she had her boots on the wrong feet and she had her gloves on the wrong hands,” said Mike Anderson.  “Something was not right with this person.  She asked me if I ever gotten so mad at someone that I wanted to poke them in the eye.”

Our thoughts are with Ms. Odumbar to keep clear of the cliffs.

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