Tanner Hall to Miss All of ’09-’10 Ski Season

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 17, 2009 1:39 pm

Tanner Hall‘s physical therapist Janna Mann said recently she expects that Tanner Hall will miss the entire upcoming ski season of 2009-2010.  Mann, from Alpine Sports Medicine in Park City, also added that she is quite concerned for Tanner’s long term health because of the tibial plateau fractures.  Hall blew out both ACLs, which are expected to heal, but it is the tibeal plateau fractures that can lead to cartilage and meniscus issues, as well as joint degeneration later in life.

It is a tough road ahead for Mr. Hall, one filled with extreme pain and the doubts that inevitably surface during an extended rehab process.  I myself have had major knee surgery, and the thought of having to rehab two knees at the same time is beyond overwhelming.  Although, Tanner Hall is no normal individual.  It will take all for which he is best known — unshakable confidence, resolute perseverance, and a winner’s attitude — to overcome his greatest challenge to date.

After the accident, Hall was confined to a wheel chair for two weeks before he could have the first round of operations.  So far, Hall has had two surgeries to repair the fractures, but he still has two surgeries left to repair the ACLs.

No doubt Tanner Hall will overcome, but the mountain he must climb on the road to recovery should not be minimized.   It’s going to be a tough year ahead for Tanner Hall, a legend of the sport, a total winner under pressure, and just a super cool dude.  Tanner Hall, we wish the best for you on your road back.


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