Bode Miller, Kristi Leskinen are in the last Eight Standing on “The Superstars”

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 18, 2009 10:17 pm

A myriad of stars started “The Superstars” and now there are only 8 left.  What does it say that two of them…Bode Miller and Kristi Leskinen are skiers?  Are skiers better athletes?  Well first of all, the show is more than athletes.  Mr. Kournikova Julio Iglesias is still standing as is television personality Paige Hemmis and actor David Charvet. 

After watching the show, it is does seem that the skiers have more body control, more agility and are probably more in tune with their body than the other athletes.  Brandi Chastain and Lisa Leslie are great athlete but it does seem that Leskinen benefits from the fact that she goes higher and faster in her sport.

Here is a Ski Channel high five to Bode Miller and Kristi Leskinen!  We are all pulling for you.