Austin Teen pulls off Jamaican Bobsled Team Replay from Austin

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 19, 2009 5:56 pm

Jared Orenstein of Austin Texas was a normal kid hanging out in Austin Texas until…  The American Idol of Luge came to town?  Huh.  As USA Today reports, in a nationwide search to find the next American Luge star young 14 year old Jared Orenstein got one of the nods. 

Now Jared spends time in Lake Placid and goes 70MPH down an icy tube of death on his back trying to get it up to about 100MPH so he can compete in the Olympics.  Not this go around, but the next.

There are only a few refridgerated tracks in the US.  Park City, Lake Placid… not too many more.

No word if there is an idol competition for that sport where you ski, shoot a gun, fly a kite, tap dance and boil water.

Good luck Jared.