Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Mr. & Mrs. Mammoth Mountain to Reprise Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 21, 2009 9:34 pm

Shuss goes the weasel baby as it was reported that the film that caused Mammoth Mountain’s most famous couple to join forces to tackle Daves Run, Chair 5 and pound brews at the Laka Nuki is going to be redone.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith Part Deux!  Pinch me as I’ve gone to thespian heaven.  Marriage and parenthood have obviously saddled them with a deep desire to fire automatic weapondry at one another. 

This time will they use movie guns or throw in a live round or two?  If they are looking for the really big guns…try the Mammoth Mountain Howitzers used for avalanche safety.  Mammoth officials say these guns can hit a dime from a mile away.  That should be plenty accurate enough for Angelina to hit Brad in the klondykes from across the kitchen.

Note to Brad and Angel:  make the shoot in July and August of next year as this year is going to be an epic snow year!